Return The Goods

Due to international express and high shipping costs, all products sold on this site do not support returns, so please consider carefully before purchasing. (Brand new products, within seven days of receiving the express, if you do not damage the packaging and are willing to pay the freight, please contact our customer service for return processing.)


Brand new product, if you have quality problems after receiving it, you can apply for a replacement within 7 days of receipt. For second-hand products, we only guarantee the computing power we declare. If the computing power cannot reach the computing power we declare, we support replacement. (In addition, product appearance, dust, temperature, etc. cannot be used as an excuse to return or exchange.)

Since the graphics cards we sell are all used for mining, unless otherwise stated, the warranty period for brand-new graphics cards is 3 months, and the warranty for un-brand graphics cards is 1 month.
The warranty period of second-hand graphics cards, in principle, we only guarantee 15 days, and we will specifically indicate the warranty period under the details of each product.
If the warranty period is exceeded, you can also pay for the warranty. For details, please contact our customer service for negotiation.